A Look Back: Foundations of Objective-C – André Pang – NSConf 2009

@quanganhdo requested access to this video in our archives. It had previously been available for free but had been retired, so I got Dave to dig it out and we’ve uploaded it again.

This is André Pang, and it’s back from the very first NSConference. (Can you believe that next year’s NSConf will be the 5th?)


I thought I should give it a watch:

In his presentation, André starts with the foundations of Objective-C, how things are stored in memory and then goes on to look at the philosophy of programming.

Although the tools, the operating systems and the devices may all have changed since this talk, the principles that he considers are still important:

André talks about Small Talk, Lambda calculas, why assignment is bad, uniformity, functional programming and Haskell and the lessons we can learn for programming in Objective-C.

If you were there, watch and reminisce; if you weren’t, see what you missed (and put the dates for NSConf 2013 into Calendar!)

(Oh and our production values have improved significantly since our first conference.)

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